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I am going to take a break from my series about choosing songs this month to talk about the launch of our new worship night graphics! September 26th was our first worship night after the summer about the faithfulness of God. The worship nights this past year have been...

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Should we be Re-Inventing the Church?

The Church at large is going through a major transition. “Re-inventing Church” has become the buzz of our “Christian” culture. This concept is designed so that churches can “survive” the great “decline” that so many of our denominations and independent churches are...

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Our world is full of disasters – famines, fires, floods, fighting – all bringing destruction and death. Would you “hold up” under such pressure?

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The Movement of The Holy Spirit

Each August there is the bittersweet reality of change on the horizon. Summer is half over and Fall looms in the future. School supply lists, schedules, fall sports, hayrides, changing leaves - all are part of the transition from Summer to Fall; it is inevitable. I’ve...

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Be Still and Know

“Be still and know that I am God.” (Psalm 46:10) Have you ever meditated on this verse? The first four words are both a command and an invitation inextricably linked to the declaration made in the last half of the verse, for it is impossible to be still unless one has...

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Choosing Songs 101

I have not written a lot of original worship music, but I love writing poetry based on biblical truths. With so many worship bands and songs available, many of us struggle to determine what makes a good song. In the next couple of months, I want to talk about how...

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Called by God’s Name

By Lynn Metier There are numerous Scriptural references to being called by God’s name. The prophet Jeremiah claimed: “I have been called by Thy name, O LORD God of hosts.” (Jeremiah 15:16b) What does it mean to be called by the name of the LORD? While the Hebrew name...

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Diligent Parenting

As parents it is so important that we be diligent in the way we treat, pray for, and raise our children. In this article I wanted to share some tips on how to diligently parent our children, including our teens. These tips I have learned while ministering to teens and...

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Preparing Our Hearts

You walk into church Sunday morning feeling groggy and tired. You are running late, so you walk into the sanctuary halfway through the worship set. You are thinking, “Where did the weekend go? Why is tomorrow Monday? Why am I even here when I have so much to do at...

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