Author: Ray Viola

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  • Blessed Are The Poor In Spirit
    The Beatitudes are a description of a disciple of The Lord Jesus Christ (Matthew 5:3-12). They are a description of Christian character which is the fruit of abiding in Jesus Christ (John 15:1-16). As we ponder this list, it does not take long to discover that God’s “Who’s Who” list is vastly different from the […]
  • To Worship God
    I’m afraid that many Christians misunderstand the meaning of worship. The normal thought is that worship is singing to the Lord with adoration and thanksgiving. That can indeed be a part of what worship is, but it is far from a complete definition of worship. We have a strong hint of the heart of worship […]
  • Resting Or Restless?
    Jeremiah 50:6 tells us that God’s people, Israel, were like lost sheep. They were led astray by their shepherds; they forgot their resting place. In a nutshell, Israel strayed because their shepherds did not give the people the Word of God. However, even where the Word of God was sown, it didn’t profit its hearers […]
  • For Those Who Are Overwhelmed
    Psalm 61 is God’s prescription for those who are overwhelmed. Face it, life tends to be quite overwhelming in and of itself, apart from all of the added difficulties that we encounter along the way. My question for you today is this: should there not be a significant difference between a disciple of Christ and […]