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  • Victory At Ai
    One of the defeats of the army of Israel was at the city of Ai. There was no record of prayer, no record of God speaking to them about this military campaign, as He was known to do. They went to battle, saints, “in the flesh”. They presumed that God would give them victory; after […]
  • Resurrection Or Religion?
    When we celebrate the resurrection of Jesus Christ, let’s embrace His glorious triumph with a personal response of praise, thanksgiving, and awe. The tomb is EMPTY! The veil of the temple was torn in two from top to bottom! Those powerful words, “It is finished!”, declared that full payment for man’s sin has been made. […]
  • The Dew Of Heaven
    When Isaac blessed “tricky ” Jacob, he prayed that God would give to him the dew of heaven. Dew is moisture that contains the power to refresh. Could it be that this, among other things, is what Isaac desired for his son? I think so. In fact, when “ripped-off” Esau cried for a “left-over” blessing, […]
  • Light … Sent To Rule
    The book of Genesis unlocks many of God’s great doctrinal and practical truths. Note that His first act of creation was light. Isn’t that interesting? To have life, light is required. Paul, formerly Saul, was a very religious person but he didn’t have life in the Biblical sense until he “saw the Light”. Also in […]