At Koinonia we have many ways to get involved in serving others inside and outside of the church walls and community. Below are some of our internal ministry groups.

Greeter's Ministry

Koinonia has a wonderful team of greeters who are happy to guide you in the parking lot and meet you right at the doors for Sunday and Wednesday services.

Steve Hakes and Dana Colbert

Care Group

The Care Group is made up of people in the congregation who desire to be available to love and serve this little flock, in gentle and practical ways, in times of need. There may be in-person visits at home or at the hospital, there may be errands that need to be run, or an encouraging card, flowers, calls, and of course, prayers. Truly, Koinonia is a very giving and loving congregation, and this little group will try to do our part. The pastors let us know specific needs, and we try to meet those needs as best we can. It is a joy and a blessing.

Sue Pazda

Meals Ministry

Fix a meal for others at Koinonia with a new baby, recovery from surgery, etc.

Kim Ostrowski


Are you a musician? Do you have a good ear? Do you enjoy videography? If you are interested in any way about our music ministry there is likely a place for you! Join our worship teams, our media ministry or our sound ministry. Reach out if you’d like to get more accquainted.

Dylan Ocorr

Nursing Home Ministry

The Lord has blessed this ministry with open doors at 5 different locations where the Gospel of Jesus Christ is proclaimed to those who are unable to go to their home church. We’re so pleased that our Lord and Savior has raised up individuals to serve at particular places as well. Feel free to join us at anytime. We also believe one of the greatest needs is prayer!

Pastor Tony and Ann Joseph –

Hospitality Group

Every Sunday after services we invite everyone to stay and gather in our Agape Hall to enjoy some breakfast treats and coffee. Our hospitality team puts all of these things together for us.

 Ralph Myrthil


The helps group at Koinonia is full of men and women at Koinonia who come to set up, serve and clean up for church events.

They also ocassionally provide food or baked goods for certain events.

Jackie Damico and Lizzy Viola

Facilities Care

If you are handy and would like to volunteer some time to help maintain our building and grounds then the facilities group is for you! Contact the church office to be given a task.

Hannah Rowe