Our desire is to engage, encourage and edify EVERY man of Koinonia Fellowship so that we would form meaningful, lasting relationships built upon acceptance, accountability and unity in Christ.

The body of Christ suffers when one member is ailing or lagging behind. Everybody matters. Brothers, there’s somebody in this church that’s been there and worked through it. There are people in our church that care. You are immensely loved and prayed for.

I realize the majority of men’s ministry happens outside of these walls. We are here and willing to help make those connections. Our heart is that ultimately every man would minister to at least one other man in this flock, young or old. Let it never be said that we weren’t friendly or caring here at Koinonia. That nobody reached out.

There are a few ways to get connected and be involved in the men’s ministry at Koinonia. Start by checking out our prayer and fellowship meetings. Also look out for our occasional men’s retreats through the year and our men’s meals that take place during the summer months. 

Scott Gargana - sgargana@rochester.rr.com

Men's Prayer

Saturdays 7:30am

Prayer Room

Led by Tony Joseph – ajoseph1@frontiernet.net

Be A Man Morning

Men’s Fellowship

Tuesdays 5:30 AM

Agape Hall

Led by Dave Schumacher and Bob Falkowitz –

daves.fsi@gmail.com and rfalko6060@gmail.com

Men's Meals

We host a few Men’s Meals and Prayer Breakfasts throughout the year. These events have a time of fellowship, prayer, a sharing of the Word, and a homecooked meal.

Dates: April 27th, July 27th and October 26th