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East Rochester Community Resource Center

The first Sunday of every month we hold a donation drive for the local resource center. The center provides services to the residents of East Rochester from rent assistance to food and clothing. We ask our members to consider picking up a few extra items on their weekly grocery shop to bring so we can contribute to the center as part of the community of East Rochester. This month’s needs:

Spaghetti, Sides (macaroni, rice, noodles), Instant mashed potatoes, Crackers, Snack crackers, Animal crackers, Mayonaise,Chef Boyardee cans, Cooking oil, Bushes baked beans, Canned tuna, Powdered creamer, Small bags of flour, Instant coffee (regular and decaf), 64oz juices or smaller,Juice boxes, Canned whole green beans, Pickles, relish, Canned potatoes (whole or sliced), Canned sweet potatoes, Brownie mix, Cake frosting, Poptarts, Snacks

Please bring donations by Sunday April 2nd!