Last night, we heard the testimonies of Gradi Bamfonga who is one of the youth leaders and a close friend of mine. Gradi was born and raised in the Congo before coming to the University of Rochester to study biomedical engineering.

He shared how God called him to a place of sincere discipleship when he was around 14 years old after reading about the power and anointing of God in scripture. He was hungry to see God move in his own life to know whether or not he could believe and live the commissions of God. So, he began to pray fervently and began regularly going out to evangelize with his friends. From these times in his life, he has many stories of salvations and many frequent dramatic miraculous healings.

Gradi shared several of these stories to illustrate how the power of God is available to us.

His final main points were:

  1. You must have a sincere hunger to know God
  2. Understand the power that the Holy Spirit has given to us
  3. Take action – activation only comes through action

The anointing and the Holy Spirit come upon us for a FUNCTION. Meaning that there is a specific assignment or reason why the Holy Spirit comes upon us (different from dwelling within us). Therefore, we will not experience the power of Holy Spirit if we do not take action and go out to proclaim the Kingdom. So, our prayer for the youth is that their hunger for God would be greatly increased and they would desire to see his Kingdom advanced through their life.

Looking forward to next week!