“In the days of old the prophets spoke of this – God’s eternal plan unfolding in the events of today. It was never more true than on that night in Bethlehem, as the world lay expectant, holding its breath…” Have you ever wondered what it must have been like in Israel 2,000 years ago, waiting for the promised savior? It was a time of turmoil and hardship, a time of people walking in darkness. And then suddenly, light shined on Israel and the world. But it wasn’t what anyone expected – a child was born. Born in an insignificant way, in the humblest of circumstances. Jesus planted himself in the depths of our fallen world, to lead us back up to the light. Let this music take you back to ancient Israel; through the spiritual and emotional journey of the birth of Jesus. From the build up of historical tension, to Mary’s personal burden, to the angelic exuberance at His birth. Truly, we didn’t know who he was. How could we? God Himself, uncreated and eternal, became man, that He might save us all for all eternity. He gave us Himself. What greater gift could we receive?