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  • In God’s Presence
    When Peter and John stood before the Council in Acts 4, these religious leaders “took knowledge of them, that they had been with Jesus.” This statement, if overlooked, cites a misconception that prevails in the minds of believers and non-believers alike. Note, to the unlearned religionists, the apostles HAD BEEN with Jesus. The truth is […]
  • Chosen Vessels
    When Ananias was told by the Lord Jesus to go and seek out Saul of Tarsus, it was revealed to him the reason he was to do so was because Saul was a “chosen vessel” for the Lord. He would be called to bear the name of Jesus in the world, and he would also […]
  • The Blessings Of The Just
    A person who has trusted in Jesus Christ for salvation is “justified” by God. As Spurgeon wonderfully wrote, “God will never accuse me of owing for a debt that has already been paid.” “But the just shall live by his faith.” This concept, first stated in Habakkuk 2:4, is so important that it is repeated […]
  • Self Examination
    A very important part of any communion service is self examination. Of course, it is only by the power of God’s Spirit that we can perform this task. We can very easily “cruise” in our Christianity. By that I mean that it can become a mechanical duty, as opposed to a living fellowship with Jesus. […]