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  • The Knowledge and Glory of God
    Today, our study will focus on two major redemption themes. One is the knowledge of the True and Living God (Jeremiah 9:23-24), and the other is having that knowledge translated into a life which is lived for the glory of God (1 Peter 4:11b). The elements of the bread and the cup are reminders of […]
  • The King is coming!
    One of the foundational doctrines of Scripture is the second coming of The Lord Jesus Christ to the earth. This event will take place after the great tribulation period (Matthew 24:29-31). He will return to the earth the same way that He left the earth, in the clouds (Acts 1:9-11). This return of The Lord […]
  • To Him Who Overcomes
    As we come to a close in our study of the letters of Jesus to the seven churches, we see that in each letter, there was a specific promise given to those who overcome (Revelation 2:7,11,17, 26; 3:5,12,21). We will also see later on in this prophetic book that one last promise is given to […]
  • The Revelation of Jesus Christ
    The last book in the Bible is literally titled, “The Revelation”. The word revelation means to unveil or disclose something that was previously hidden or a secret. We are promised to be blessed as we read, hear and practically apply the truths that are revealed in this incredible book (Revelation 1:3). The very first verse […]