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  • Jesus Is Lord!
    The Scriptures foretold of a birth that would forever change the course of human history. Right from the very beginning of human history on earth, God spoke of a miraculous birth, a virgin birth (Genesis 3:15; Isaiah 7:14). This Child would be sent from heaven (Isaiah 9:6,7) to redeem fallen man from the powers of […]
  • Walking In The Spirit
    We will learn today that walking with Jesus and walking in the Spirit are one and the same thing. To walk in the Spirit is not some mystical, esoteric kind of an experience that “just happens.” No, it is a decision that we make to give the Spirit of God the “right of way” in […]
  • The Greatest Commandment Is Love
    God’s word not only tells us what to believe, but how to live out our faith practically. Jesus tells us that the entire law of God can be summed up in two commandments: loving God supremely and loving one another practically (Matthew 22:36-40). Paul echoes that very same truth: “Owe no one anything except to […]
  • Liberty In Jesus
    The epistle to the Galatians is a letter that defends the liberty that all believers in Jesus Christ have (Galatians 5:1), by virtue of faith in His atoning sacrifice on the cross. Freedom is one thing that every human being desires. We have a day each year when we take the time to remember those […]