Every November I’m reminded to give thanks. Being thankful is the will of God regardless of circumstances. This November has special meaning to me. I am resigning at the end of 2018 as the Children’s Pastor. It has been an awesome 5 years. I never deserved an opportunity but it was given and I tried by God’s grace to do my best for God’s glory. During my tenure I fell short in many areas. At times I did not “feel” like overseeing the children, and my view of children’s ministry has changed during my tenure. Overall however, I could not be more thankful for the love, kindness, and grace that has been demonstrated by the Koinonia Leadership team, the families of KF, and the flock as a whole.

My wife Leslee and I have always known that Koinonia is a special place, but that became even more real as a staff member. We saw first-hand the benevolence, the care, the heart of Koinonia. The children and families of KF are special. There were very few behavior problems over the years, and getting to know and serve the families was especially sweet. We will always remember this season of our lives and ministry.

One of my biggest reservations in becoming the children’s overseer was that it could be a final step at Koinonia. KF has been my family’s home church since 2004 (the same time we started serving in children’s ministry). Although we plan on remaining at KF, only God knows the future for my family and the new ministry we are embarking upon. We take things one day at a time.

The new ministry venture is Rescue and Revive Ministries, which is an evangelistic-based ministry that has several branches and has been birthed in God’s perfect timing. We will be working with the Universal and Local church to “Preach, Teach, and Reach” many for the Gospel. Never in my 43 years of life have I seen such a dire need for the gospel to be preached, believers to be equipped, and souls to be reached. That is the heart and vision behind Rescue and Revive. To find out more visit www.rescueandreveive.org.

Let me finish this article by saying “Thank you.” We love Koinonia and we love your children. The faces, heart, and souls of the beautiful children of KF will be forever etched in our mind, heart, and soul. We will be praying as the new leaders take over. We know our Lord will guide the ministry in the direction He desires that it go.