About midweek during VBS, the Lord showed up in a group of children’s lives in a real & applicable way. It was a beautiful thing to watch take place! There was a child, not a Christian, who had been invited by another child, a Christian, to attend VBS. The Christian child started gravitating toward who they knew & were familiar with in fellowship. This left the invited child a little bit of an outsider. It was clearly unintentional. During snack time, the invited child had done something odd with their food. This was probably to gain attention from the rest of this group. Another child made a comment that that bothered them, and the rest of the group joined in on some teasing. The invited child’s feelings were hurt and tears began to flow (including mine that had to be held back). Very quickly, this group of children acknowledged the hurt feelings, each apologized and each asked individually for forgiveness. This was of their own doing (no adult instruction), clearly prompted by the Holy Spirit. The tears were wiped dry and smiles appeared! The following day, this group of children clearly took this seriously and made sure that the invited child was made to feel included and loved for the rest of VBS. One child even told me the day after that they couldn’t stop thinking about it the night before and was praying.
Ava Fair (4th and 5th grade crew leader)

To feed so many children the word for 3 hours a day for 5 days straight was a blessing. The kids were fed the word not only during the teaching but at craft, during game time, kid vid cinema, open & closing festivities, and even during snack time. Thursday night my wife was praying with our 4 year old and they prayed for the last day of VBS and he began to weep. When asked what was wrong he said; “I love VBS and I don’t want it to end.” So many kids were fed the word and it is our prayer VBS isn’t the end but just the beginning of their walk with the Lord. What an amazing amount of work done and all of it because of Jesus!
Anthony and Sarah Salvaggio (Kindergarten Crew Leader and Craft Leader)

A Muslim boy named Thurgaum showed up on Monday and Tuesday to VBS. We discovered he was a Muslim by having conversation with him. Tuesday no one showed up to pick up the boy. I walked him to Oil Depot across the street from KF and inquired about his parents. They informed me where he lived so I decided to walk him home. During the walk I questioned Thurgaum about his beliefs regarding Jesus after his two days at VBS. It was clear he was starting to believe. When I reached his home about ½ mile from the church his brother came out and God opened a door to share the gospel with him. Praise God for sending Thurgaum to our VBS!
Anonymous Testimony