As we enter a new year we get to hit the reset button. God has graciously given us another year to serve Him and bring Him the utmost glory He deserves. Each year presents new opportunities to reach individual children and families. We have been planted in a town that mirrors the inner-city of Rochester. In fact, East Rochester is called by some “the second city”. Single-parent homes, poverty, crime, and tremendous need is all on the rise in East Rochester. We have responded to this call as a church family in what I like to call a “blitz”. The “blitz” needs to continue. Below is a list of East Rochester ministries that are currently in motion.

1. After School Bible club (Starts on January 17 for 4th year; Erin Chernevek to teach)
2. Food Backpack program (2nd year)
3. Backpack giveaway (Annually in the late summer)
4. Fall Festival (Annually in October)
5. Father’s Heart Outreach at Northside Park in the spring and summer months
6. Single mothers ministry (Has helped many East Rochester mothers)
7. ER Community Resource Center (Monthly Food Drive; Thanksgiving baskets; Christmas basics)
8. Monthly luncheon prayer at the Senior Center and an annual Christmas Concert
9. Outdoor kids club after VBS for 6-weeks (2nd year)

We are doing everything we can as a church community, including praying regularly for the town. One thing we have learned is this; the people are reluctant to come into the building of Koinonia Fellowship. We must “blitz” the community outwardly. Never did Jesus say “invite them to the temple.” He did however say “go”.

Lord willing, the children’s ministry will launch AWANA on Wednesday evenings from 7:00pm -8:15pm. This will begin on February 28.

The club will take place at the BOCES gym next to the church for grades K-6. There are more details to come. My heart behind this is to reach the “street kids” of East Rochester while ministering to our own from Koinonia. If the goal is prayerfully accomplished we will have a gym of unruly street kids (to begin with at least) with our beloved well-behaved KF children.

This will take some prayer, manpower and time, but young souls can be saved and our KF families and children can continue to learn and grow in Christ. We will see the Great Commission unfold. AWANA is a drop-off program and we will use this to our advantage in the ER community. Lord willing we will also have transportation for the ER kids to be picked up and possibly dropped off each evening. I will be prayerfully seeking drivers.

I am asking for prayer and support as we transition Wednesday evenings from Titus 2 to AWANA. Thank you.