This November will complete five years of my overseeing the Children’s Ministry. I would like to offer some thoughts to the reader – reflections from the past and comments regarding the future. Many faces of both children and adults have come and gone through this ministry during this time, but our God has remained unchanged.

Great servants have been raised up for the Children’s Ministry. Children’s church, the nursery, and our mid-week programs have always had great people which give glory to an awesome God! There are normally gaps to be filled, but they always get filled!
Koinonia truly is a blessed fellowship. I am amazed at how benevolent the congregation is. Whether it is our annual VBS mission that we sponsor or any other cause, the flock is always moved to give cheerfully, and this is a great example to pass along to our children.

Families are hurting. Some share their personal struggles with me, some do not divulge this information to me, but I see it in them. Parents wear it on their faces, in their body language, in their interactions with the children, spouse, or lack thereof. Satan attacks marriages and families, and he is taking a toll on many. We must pray, fast, and seek God’s face for help.

Family matters to God. Deuteronomy 6, Psalm 128, Proverbs 22, and many other verses and passages indicate the importance of family to God.

I believe in Family ministry. If we just spend two to three hours a week with a child or children, the home is barely touched. Most children do not communicate what happens in those two or three hours at church with parents so the communication is broken and the family does not benefit from the child’s instruction. We must minister to family units moving forward. It can’t just be the children. We must listen to, serve, involve, and help families.

God’s Spirit rests upon Koinonia Fellowship. Any infrastructure’s success goes back to the leader. Our God is great and He is the head of the Church. His under-shepherd at Koinonia (Pastor Ray) has been faithful to the call of God on his life for over 35 years, and the children’s ministry is just one of the branches that stems from the trunk (Pastor Ray).

The future is exciting for the children’s ministry. We have a new Sunday morning curriculum, AWANA’s first full year starting up, our 4th year of ER Bible club at the school, and consistently new faces that come to Koinonia for a visit. We must always keep the “main thing, the “main thing”: God, His word, prayer, fellowship, breaking of bread (Acts 2:42).

September brings a start to the school year and a crispness to the air. New beginnings, new soil, a new work on the horizon. Pray for us as we pray for your families.