What is it about music that reaches into the depths of our souls and touches us like nothing else can? Why is it that music is so unintimidating and able to speak to people of all generations and cultures? This month I want to talk about the expansive reach of music that is able to touch all types of people and places like nothing else can and how that should shape our view of musical worship.

I have a real passion for reaching the lost through music. James 5:13 says, “Is anyone among you in trouble? Let them pray. Is anyone happy? Let them sing songs of praise.” Jesus calls each and every one of us to sing praises to Him, whatever our circumstances in life.  Coming into a church and being preached to can be very intimidating to people who have never experienced something like that before. Now, I am not saying that the Word should not be preached or that musical worship should replace all parts of evangelism and speaking. But I do strongly believe that music can breach barriers that simply speaking normally cannot.

The problem with words is that there is a language barrier. I do believe that God can work a miracle and allow people of different languages to communicate, but that is not a normal occurrence. Music uses words, but that is not the only asset it has for communication. The language of music is one that each and every person can understand and be touched by. It is a universal language. You can hear the swells, ebbs, and flows of the language of music which convey the heart of the song. You can also see the emotion on the musician’s face and body language that tells you how they are feeling and what they are saying. Music is a language in and of itself and it needs no translator. Music is a gateway to engaging in deeper conversations with the lost.

My grandmother is a stark atheist and has been for many years. Under normal circumstances, she would not be caught dead inside the four walls of a church building, but she loves music. She came to each and every one of my musical events at school to support me and hear some beautiful music. Then, when I started doing more with worship leading, she walked inside a church and heard me sing and play. Not only that, she also stayed for the whole service including the message! That was a serious miracle and the only way that it happened was through music. She wasn’t forced or coerced to enter that building; she did so of her own accord because of the far-reaching language of music.

We live in a world that thrives and survives off music. I want to see us, as a church body, use this tool to reach more people. Let’s go into the dark places and reach people through the beauty of music. Let’s allow the Holy Spirit to do His work in and through us as we share the beauty of music with the lost. I believe we will see doors fly open into the hearts of the untouched as we are able to share with a vast number of lost souls.