Author: Ilysia Martin


I am going to take a break from my series about choosing songs this month to talk about the launch of our new worship night graphics! September 26th was our first worship night after the summer about the faithfulness of God. The worship nights this past year have been so amazing and inspirational to me. Hearing the testimonies of people from our flock and joining in together as the body of Christ to praise the Creator of the universe is such a beautiful and necessary part of our walk with Jesus! After seeing how powerful the nights of worship...

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Choosing Songs 101

I have not written a lot of original worship music, but I love writing poetry based on biblical truths. With so many worship bands and songs available, many of us struggle to determine what makes a good song. In the next couple of months, I want to talk about how solid songs are written, as well as discuss how I choose songs each week and how we can become a community of songwriters here at Koinonia Fellowship. This month I am just going to focus on a few basic elements that make a song worthy of being sung by...

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Preparing Our Hearts

You walk into church Sunday morning feeling groggy and tired. You are running late, so you walk into the sanctuary halfway through the worship set. You are thinking, “Where did the weekend go? Why is tomorrow Monday? Why am I even here when I have so much to do at home?”. You find a spot to stand and listen as the band leads the last song. You aren’t really interested in singing this morning so you just wait for the music to be over so you can sit down and rest. Doesn’t this sound like all of us at...

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Live Streaming

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  • For Adulterers Only … A Call Home
    How would you react if you found your spouse lying with another man or woman? What emotions would arise? Anger? Hurt? Bitterness? I’m sure that just the thought of this happening enrages you. Did you ever stop to think about adultery of another kind – spiritual adultery? James (4:4) wrote: “Ye adulterers and adulteresses! Know […]
  • “Neither Know We What To Do, But Our Eyes Are Upon Thee”
    This passage is found at the end of 2 Chronicles 20:12. More than we would like to admit, these words are very familiar to us in our daily walks: “Lord, we just don’t know what to do.” Unclear direction from the Lord never means a lack of fellowship with the Lord. In this chapter, Jehoshaphat […]
  • True Love
    The Song of Solomon is one of the books of the Bible that is often overlooked. Its pointed love theme nearly causes one to blush. Sadly, it may sound like “the way it used to be” with us. This, like all other Scripture, is God inspired for the same reasons any other book is written. […]
  • Enduring Is Not Enjoying
    Although we know that our faith in Christ is an objective, not a subjective feeling, we often find ourselves (or at least I do) mistaking our feelings as an indication of having inferior faith. There’s this little voice inside that conveys a message to my brain (a false message, I might add!) that when I […]