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All About Jesus

Without Jesus, then, there is no meaningful, lasting life. For He is the direction in which we must go; the reality that we must know; and the purpose for our existence. Life truly is all about Jesus!

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  • Finding Grace
    “But Noah found grace in the eyes of the LORD.” How do you read that? Was Noah looking at God and saw grace in His eyes, or was God looking at Noah through eyes of grace? In other words, did Noah find grace, or did grace find Noah? In new covenant terminology, it is grace […]
  • Holiness – The Badge Of Discipleship
    In both Testaments the Lord declares that His people shall be holy, for He is holy. Our God is a holy God. There is nothing impure or unclean about Him. He is pure because He is holy. The holiness of which we speak implies a separateness, or setting apart. Of course, there is no other […]
  • With All My Mind
    Included in the commandment which Jesus called “the first and great commandment” (inferring it to be the most important) is the love of the Lord with all our mind (Matt 22:37,38). If we are to do this, we must be constantly prepared to cast down (and out!) all imaginations and thoughts that exalt themselves against […]
  • The Search For Fruit
    In the Gospels and the rest of the New Testament as well, we see that the true work of God in our lives will produce good fruit (John 15:16). In fact, Jesus Himself says that we have been both chosen and ordained to bring forth fruit. Genuine repentance will result in fruit-bearing of various proportions. […]