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Koinonia Fellowship
The steps of spiritual erosion occur whenever we live with the philosophy of ‘my will be done’. http://selahonradio.com/forgetting-forsaking-frustration/
The reason why God’s people literally ‘lost everything’ was because they cleaved to their lovers and forgot God. Now, there is a forgetting that is unintentional. However, this forgetting was more …
Koinonia Fellowship
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Koinonia Fellowship
If any couple were justified in living together, it was Adam and Eve. After all, they were ‘made for each other’! http://selahonradio.com/did-adam-and-eve-live-together/
Did Adam And Eve Live Together?
If any couple were justified in living together, it certainly would have been Adam and Eve. After all, there were no other options. Also, they didn’t know about adultery or fornication because thos…


  • Forgetting...Forsaking...Frustration

    The reason why God’s people literally ‘lost everything’ was because they cleaved to their lovers and forgot God. Now, there is a forgetting that is unintentional. However,...Read More

    Did Adam And Eve Live Together?

    If any couple were justified in living together, it certainly would have been Adam and Eve. After all, there were no other options. Also, they didn’t know about adultery or...Read More

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Change; it creeps up on you. As you’re reading this I have hopefully started my senior year at Nazareth and am just one step closer to being a fully certified Speech Language Pathologist. My senior year! It has sneaked up on me.

I think of Moses, a man who was once the prince of Egypt and was educated and raised in riches and honor. One day he makes some decisions (killing an Egyptian slave driver) which lead to him fleeing his home and finding himself living in the Sinai wilderness with a group of people called the Midianites. These drastic changes lead to Moses being in a place where he could hear God speaking to him through a fiery bush.

Many of us respond very negatively to change. This summer Fuego, my favorite coffee shop in Rochester, moved locations. The weekend they moved I remember sitting there drinking the same wonderful espresso drinks they always make, but it wasn’t the same as their original location. To sum up my feelings in one word I would say I was “uncomfortable.”

Change made me uncomfortable. I didn’t like the new white washed walls and metallic furniture. I didn’t like that there wasn’t a bar where I could sit and talk with my friends while they made me coffee each time I came in. I didn’t even like the huge floor-to-ceiling windows that let tons of light in and offer wonderful views of the city. My feelings towards these things were not because there was anything particularly bad about them. There is nothing bad about the new location. It’s actually more convenient for me. I felt uncomfortable simply because something I was used to and had grown to love changed. It physically moved. It looks different now. It feels different. It actually smells about the same, though, because there’s still the same wonderful coffee being brewed there each day. But the thing that is most significant about all of this is that change made me uncomfortable.

If we contrast my coffee shop example with Moses’ origin story we’ll see that he was somewhere very comfortable, literally Pharaoh's palace.

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A team of 7 men will be participating in the “Campus to the Capital Crusade”, starting out on Monday, September 19, 2016. In case you’re a little fuzzy on the concept, a crusade is an organized and energized campaign for a specific cause. Our cause is the most important one there is – proclaiming the Gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ.

Back in February I invited 12 men to come to the first meeting for the Crusade. Since then the team has been reduced to 7 and we have gathered 4 times for meetings and prayer. Our last meeting was a cookout where we had all the families together to invite them into the vision of the Crusade. Each member shared his heart on why he is going and what it means to him. We all prayed together – men, women, and children – and we also made some final arrangements for the physical part of the Crusade.

These 7 men are the visible aspect of the crusade, but they are in reality “just the tip of the iceberg”. As every evangelist knows the true and most important work in any crusade is unseen because it is spiritual. And this is where you, the reader, come in. You can be a part of the spiritual battle for the minds and hearts and eternal souls of the people God will bring across our path on the college campuses and at our nation’s capital – and even at the coffee shops and motels we will stop at. We don’t want to limit what God plans to do through us, so please pray! Pray for the Lord to go before us so that we might find favor and be allowed access where the Lord would lead us to go. Pray for the Holy Spirit to prepare and draw those individuals He plans for us to minister to, and for His filling and anointing for every encounter.

We know that God alone can open the eyes of those blinded by Satan. It is only through the power of The Holy Spirit that sinners can be set free to follow Jesus. God has chosen to use the preaching of His Word – and especially the proclamation of the Gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ – to be the instrument by which He calls sinners to repentance and salvation. We are absolutely convinced that The Answer to EVERY problem – whether it is for individuals or nations – is Jesus Christ. Everyone needs salvation, and Jesus is the ONLY Name by which anyone can be saved (Acts 4:12).

Now God, through the Apostle Paul, assures us that: “whoever calls on the name of the LORD shall be saved.” (Romans 10:13) But then he identifies a problem. “How then shall they call on Him in whom they have not believed? And how shall they believe in Him of whom they have not heard? And how shall they hear without a preacher? And how shall they preach unless they are sent? As it is written: ‘How beautiful are the feet of those who preach the gospel of peace, who bring glad tidings of good things!’” (Romans 10:14,15) This is where the 7 men come in.

We are all very excited about this Crusade and look forward to seeing God do great things. Our trip will consist of spending some time on various college campuses in New York, Pennsylvania, and Maryland. Tuesday evening we will be ministering to the men at the Bethesda Mission in Harrisburg, PA. Wednesday evening we will be ministering to the men of Teen Challenge Baltimore. Our last day of the Crusade will be spent near the Capital. We will be open air preaching, handing out gospel tracts, praying for people, and worshipping everywhere we go, all in Jesus’ name.

People have generously donated financially and with gospel literature for this Crusade. We also have a prayer team that went to all our stops the week of August 22nd - 27th and “prepared the soil”. Now I’m giving you the opportunity to join the “invisible” part of this Crusade by praying as we finish our preparations and go. Please pray for travel mercies and the Lord’s protection and peace over our families at home. Pray for God’s guidance and grace, and that we would be sensitive and obedient to the leading of His Spirit. And pray for God’s will and purposes and glory in all that we say and do, and know that we appreciate every prayer!




Childrens Ministry

Our desire is to come alongside parents as they disciple their children. We have classes and family events geared to children from the nursery through 12 years old. 



Womens Ministry

Join us as we seek to strengthen and bless the lives of our families, church and community and  nurture your faith through prayer, worship, and study of the Bible. 


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Mens Ministry

Opportunities for men of all ages to build up their faith in fellowship with others who are like-minded in seeking God. Join us Tuesdays at 5:30 am for a B.A.M.M. breakfast.



Marriage Ministry

Strong marriages are built by God. God uses wisdom, knowledge, and understanding to build the home. "Unless the Lord build the house, they labor in vain that build it."




Father's Heart

An extension of God's Hand, purposed on sharing His love, to the hurting and homeless through the meeting of practical needs and the ministering of the Gospel.

India Connection

Reaching the Unreached - Teaching the Untaught - India Connection meets on the third Thursday of every month at 7 pm.


Dedicated to serving women facing unplanned pregnancies by transforming their fear into confidence. Professional services in a caring environment.

ER Community Resource

Provides food, clothing and services to the needy in our community, including families with small children who might otherwise go hungry.


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