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  • The Healing of the Leper
    There are many kinds of lepers today. They are people who outwardly are smiling and look so confident and successful, but deep inside there is the leprosy of deceit, or anger, or unbridled lust, or bitterness, or plain old unbelief and doubt in the power of God to set them free.
  • The Big Picture
    Although we live in the dimension of time, it is important for us to think beyond the hands on the clock and the dates on the calendars. As disciples of Jesus Christ, we now have everlasting life.1 That is more than an endless quantity of life; it is a quality of life that is outside […]
  • The Gospel According To Job
    Job is one of the Bible characters that people admire, but they want no part of the life that makes one admirable. Job was mentioned by Ezekiel alongside of Noah and Daniel as great men of God.1 God himself called Job His servant, unlike any on earth at the time, “blameless and upright, one who […]
  • Filled With The Spirit
    The answer to our need for power to live the Christian life is the filling of the Spirit of God.1 We can have willing spirits, but our flesh is weak.2 Jesus promised us another Comforter (Helper) who would dwell within us forever.3 This Comforter of course is God the Holy Ghost. He is our Teacher,4 […]